Thursday, February 17, 2011

Character Concepts: Homebrew Changling

I sat in on an amazing campaign setting creation session run by Quinn Murphy from 4E At Will (he can also be found on twitter as @gamefiend). This was all done as preperation for an online D&D game he is going to be running for me, Michael Hasko (web/twitter), Jeremy Morgan (web/twitter), and Ryven Cedrylle (web/twitter). Quinn's rules and guidelines we used to create the campaign setting were spectacular, but I'll leave them for him to divulge when the time is right. So, here is a little back story on the character I created, but first a little bit of back story of the setting to help understand it.

Recent Setting Details
During the 3rd era, the Yuan-Ti began a charge against the 3 superpowers. As it turned out, they had genetically designed sleeper agents, called Changelings, poised to strike from the inside these great nations. As the battle waged, Beltzhoover became a military state and was able to fend off most of the Yuan-Ti's initial attack, leaving them an opening to plow into their neighbors of Laeda. Laeda was overrun and fell into chaos with the Beltzhooverian troops and Yuan-Ti armies trampling the countryside.

Character Backstory
Dax. It is a Changling name. Most people know him as Donald as he's been, hiding among the people of Laeda for the past 12 years. Dox escaped the Yuan-Ti breeding camps and was found just outside the town by a widow woman. She thought he was a feral child at first and the only thing he remembers of his past is his name and fear of snakes. That was until he grew. The Yuan-Ti were growing the Changlings at an alarming rate and the small boy became a young man in just under 2 years. He's not even sure how the widow woman kept his growing a secret from the rest of the town, but as far as they know, he is just like the rest of them. Now, with the Yuan-Ti invasion and the Beltzhoover army marching across the countryside, Dox has decided he cannot sit idly by any longer. Especially so since his "mother", the widow woman, was taken in the last raid. Dox not only hopes to rescue his mother, but wants to set things right. The Yuan-Ti and Beltzhooverians need to be stopped.


  1. Oh that teaser is such a tease. You leave us with so little after you peak our interests. I will look out for gamefiends campaign setting creation session.

  2. Don't worry, I'll let you know how things pan out for Dax!

  3. I think you just wanted an excuse to play a character named Dax.

  4. If that was a Star Trek joke, I may have to take your geek card. :)

    Odo was the changeling on DS9, Dax was a symbiotic worm creature that was hundreds of years old and inside of 2 different characters throughout the the series: Jadzia Dax and Ezrie Dax.