Friday, September 3, 2010

Celebrity D&D at Gen Con!

Sadly, I've never had the chance to travel to Indiana for Gen Con. I am trying to schedule things for next year, we'll see what happens, but in the mean time I try to soak up everything I can via various blogs, twitter, and other sites featuring information about the goings on at Gen Con. I recently came across an amazing find! There was a celebrity D&D game run one evening at Gen Con featuring Author Ed Greenwood, Artist Larry Elmore, and Author R.A. Salvatore with WoTC's Senior Producer of D&D RPGs Chris Perkins as the Dungeon Master. Below is the 7 part series as posted on YouTube. One of the players from the crowd is Matt James from one of my favorites D&D websites:

That was pretty thrilling for me to watch and makes me more interested in the new Red Box. Originally I didn't want to purchase it or anything from the Essentials line because I've spent several hundreds of dollars on source books for 4th edition, but the Red Box does seems to be a nice way to easily introduce new people to that game we all love: Dungeons & Dragons.


  1. Well that's pretty good, I watch 'em all in a single day :/ LOL
    what do you think? are you buying the Rules Compendium or not?

  2. Honestly, after spending several hundreds of dollars on the 4E manuals, the only Essential pieces I'm interested in are the dungeon tiles (I have a review of some of them coming up next week!). The players in my campaign are familiar with the core ruleset we've been using and I'm not sure they'd be willing to change game systems either, especially now after 1.5 years of our current campaign. Now, this does not mean I won't pick it up eventually, but for right now, 4E fits what I'm needing.