Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Feats of Fun

Hi All, I am B. Lynn. I hang out on Twitter under and met Jeremy through there under I have met other gamers there and the one who got me started with this blog post is Adam Page from who started a thread called #FridayFeat. This thread was started because a number of us do not do the Follow Friday (#FF) stuff this was a nice alternative way to get conversation going. It has been a lot of fun, and hopefully you will enjoy reading these and tearing them apart, if you disagree, and putting them back together to share how you think they would work best in all game worlds or just in your game world.

This first post will include all the my FridayFeat(s) that I have already released through Twitter then Adam posted on his D&D group's web-site ( ). There are others who also posted on Twitter, but because those ideas are not mine they will stay on the Leeds D&D web-site and not be posted here.

Mistletoe's Friend
once per encounter
Hit:treat melee weapon damage as silvered

Threaten Reach
For the rest of the encounter if using a reach weapon attacks you make have threatening reach but cannot threaten adjacent squares.

Unbound Mind
When using an augmented power once per day you can augment up to augment 2 without spending power points.

Stalwart Mind
your Defended Mind bonus is +6 instead of +2

Warrior's Goring Charge
add 1[W] damage per tier to your Goring Charge damage on a successful hit.

Slicing Shard Swarm
when you use your racial power those affected also take 1d4 damage.

Improved Blurred Step
You may teleport to any square adjacent to the target as a shift.

Reaching Mind Spike
range on your Mind Spike power becomes Close burst 2

Bloodied Resistance
Use your Battle Resistance power on either the first attack or on the first attack after being bloodied in an encounter

Blink Thought
your Speed of Thought power can be a teleport instead of a move

More Demanding
You may spend a power point to add one more target to your Battlemind's Demand as a minor action

Broad Mind
you may use any of the four psion power features but only two per encounter

Inevitable Power
any single target Seeker ranged power you have can benefit from Inevitable Shot power

Ensnaring Spirits
You may pull instead of push targets of your Encaging Spirits class feature, the area on the power becomes close burst 2

Personal Alacrity
target on your Ardent Alacrity includes you.

Fearful Presence
(keyword added:fear) Ardent Outrage moving towards the Ardent is treated as moving through difficult terrain

The Right Demeanor
Prerequisites:Ardent:Mantle of Elation
Bonus to Intimidate and Diplomacy includes all CHA based skills

Prerequisites:Ardent:Mantle of Clarlty
Bonus to Insight and Perception applies to all WIS based skills.

Basilisk's Teeth
Spirit companion is an ancient stoned-eyed basilisk target of Spirit's Fangs is slowed until end of next turn

Boar's Tusk
Spirit companion is an ancient boar which inflicts blinding sickness(dmg49) w/ Spirit's Fangs damage

Viper's Fangs
Spirit companion is ancient snake who deals additional on-going poison 5 damage (save ends)

Wolf's Fangs
Spirit companion is an ancient wolf who knocks the target prone when hitting with Spirit's Fangs

Focused Elemental Spirits
All summoned spirits with an elemental keyword are changed to a single one chosen at feat selection

One With The Earth
Prerequisites:Dwarf or Gnome or Goliath
You gain Tremorsense 5

Intimidating Athlete
Others find your size and build intimidating, Powerful Athlete also adds to Intimidate

Child Of Onyx
You gain a +2 to stealth checks

Combat Sport
You may use a light shield on your off hand with a -2 to attacks, while wielding a 2-handed weapon.

Granite Endurance
Until the end of you next turn, Stone's Endurance racial power also grants 5 temp hit points.

Long Strider
+1 to speed

Trojan Horse
Spend healing surge target gets your healing surge value but takes on-going 5 damage on subsequent rounds (save ends)

Play it again, Sam.
Spend an action point take no action, deal extra melee basic attack damage to the same targets as previous melee basic attack

Holy Hand Grenade
Once per day you may change an at-will or encounter divine power from melee to area burst 1 with in 5 squares

Cadean Victory
Steal a healing surge from an adjacent ally to re-roll missed attack plus the enemy grants Combat Advantage until end of next turn

Achilles' child
The first attack against you in an encounter causes only 1 point of damage, no effect on on-going damage beyond the first round

Free Ride
When adjacent to a creature who teleports you may teleport with them as long as there is an available adjacent space to arrive in

Tailor's Might
You may drop one die of melee damage to attack up to seven creatures adjacent to you.


  1. And an awesome set of feats they are...

  2. each their own. D&D is about fun, if they don't think these feats will increase their fun then they don't have to use them. Such is the game.

    I'm a little disappointed (but not surprised) someone on the Wizards forum would reply with the amount of venom some of those comments seem to be dripping with it.

  3. (Cross-posted from the Wizards thread)

    The funny thing about fun is how closely it's tied to balance. A feat that does something flavourful is fun, but if you do it in a way that makes it over- or underpowered it becomes much less fun.

    Imagine you have a player who's a shaman, and you want to give him a special unique feat that turns his spirit into a ghostly dragon thing. Sure, that'd be fun. But how to implement it?

    How about once per encounter, he can add an energy keyword to Spirit's Fangs? That's pretty dragony. It's also massively underpowered. Your player might like the idea of a dragon spirit, but he's never going to take the feat because it's so useless. He never gets to experience the fun of having a dragon spirit. Or maybe he does take the feat... and finds himself lagging behind the rest of the party in combat. He gets the experience of having a dragon spirit, but that experience isn't a fun one.

    How about all his spirit's melee attacks gain an energy keyword and can be used as a close blast 3? That's dragony, and way overpowered. He'll definitely take the feat, and then he'll proceed to wipe out every encounter on his own. And that's no fun: where's the challenge? Even if he does find that fun, the other players won't: the shaman's always hogging the spotlight.

    Those examples are a little extreme, but hopefully they illustrate what I'm talking about. Cool ideas are all well and good, but they're only really fun when the mechanics support them in a balanced way. Your "Feats of Fun" don't really do that.


    While your feats certainly are unbalanced, the thing that really gets my hackles up is how they're presented. Nearly everything is wildly unbalanced, makes no sense, duplicates existing feats, or is just really poorly phrased... it reads like you had a bunch of random ideas, wrote them down in point form, and then posted them. (With all the mentions of Twitter at the top, I'd wager that that's actually what you did.)

    And that's not cool. Knowingly posting something that you could have done well but couldn't be bothered to proofread, well, that's kinda disrespectful to your audience. More than that, it's disrespectful to yourself. It's saying you don't really care about what you're doing, that you don't take pride in your work, and that you think so poorly of your readers that you expect them to love it anyway.

    BLynn, I don't think you're that kind of person. I think you do want to make something cool and fun. And I think that's great. Keep at it.

    But everything on this forum is PEACH: "Please Examine And Critique Honestly." And if you want an honest opinion, it's only common courtesy to put in an honest effort first.

    Jeremy, Mplindustries gave his honest opinion on the article. He called it like he saw it, and y'know what? Pretty much everything he said was correct. He lost his temper near the end, quite reasonably; I probably would have too. It was an honest critique, and instead of getting snippy you'd do well to follow his example and make some suggestions of your own.